Current Priorities

The League works to combat pollution, advance restoration and tackle invasive species to Keep Tahoe Blue. Learn about our work:

Boating at Tahoe isn’t like boating at any other lake. That’s because Tahoe isn’t like any other lake. Special precautions are in place so you can enjoy Tahoe's vibrant blue waters safely. The first step is to download the free Tahoe Boating App.
Our robust, adaptable, citizen scientist-fueled program to monitor water quality in streams and rivers that drain areas burned by the Caldor Fire.
The League to Save Lake Tahoe has joined with Sierra Watch and Mountain Area Preservation to ask a court to enforce California’s environmental law to protect Lake Tahoe from pollution from the proposed Martis Valley West project.
Aquatic invasive weeds in the lagoons of the Tahoe Keys are growing out of control and are spreading to Lake Tahoe. Immediate action is needed to treat the infestation and prevent aquatic weeds from ruining Lake Tahoe’s native ecology, pristine water quality and famous clarity.
Pipe Keepers is a community-based volunteer monitoring program that examines stormwater entering Lake Tahoe and its tributaries.
The success of the north shore's TART Connect pilot program shows microtransit can be an effective tool in breaking Tahoe’s dependence on the private automobile, alleviating traffic, and keeping harmful, traffic-induced pollution out of the Lake.
The Lake Tahoe Restoration Act has been a keystone of the effort to protect and restore Lake Tahoe's clarity. The League was instrumental in the passage of this legislation in 2000 and 2016, and supports efforts to reauthorize the Act in 2021.
Tahoe has a litter problem. During the pandemic, to-go food waste has been a major culprit. Here are a few simple steps to help reduce to-go litter, along with information about financial assistance for local restaurants.
Eyes on the Lake is a volunteer program in which water recreationists report information about locations of aquatic invasive species. Swimmers, boaters, snorklers, SCUBA divers and fishermen are all welcome to join the effort.
The League aims to inspire an ethic of environmental stewardship among all who love Tahoe. We attend or host over 60 events per year to educate the public about Keeping Tahoe Blue. We hope to make learning about the Lake fun for all ages.
As a member of the Lake Tahoe Outreach Committee, the League is proud to support the new Take Care campaign designed to remind us of all the ways we can Take Care of the Tahoe Region.
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