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Our volunteer programs and year-round events are great opportunities to get outside and help Keep Tahoe Blue. Join us!

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Are you looking for a private group experience, or to have the League at an event you're planning? Let us know about it.

Boating at Tahoe isn’t like boating at any other lake. That’s because Tahoe isn’t like any other lake. Special precautions are in place so you can enjoy Tahoe's vibrant blue waters safely. The first step is to download the free Tahoe Boating App.

Eyes on the Lake is the League's volunteer program to help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive plants in Tahoe's waters. If you are a water lover in Tahoe (SCUBA diver, paddler, swimmer, beachgoer, or boater) and...

Protect your favorite corner of Lake Tahoe by forming your own Tahoe Blue Crew! This volunteer program empowers and supports community members to conduct cleanup efforts at streams, beaches and trails around the Lake that are litter hotspots.
Protect Lake Tahoe while you play with this free smartphone app created by the League and UC Davis. You can report sightings of aquatic invasive species, submit litter data and contribute to a clean, clear Lake through other quick and easy actions. Download it today!
This annual event brings hundreds of volunteers together to foster better forest health and fire prevention. Previous events helped restore forests in the...

Want to help protect Lake Tahoe’s legendary clarity and keep pollution out of the Lake? Like getting your hands dirty while enjoying majestic views of the mountains? If you answered yes, you may have what it takes to become a Pipe Keeper!

Tahoe's beaches, trails, forests and meadows are treasures. But they are often overused and abused, especially during the busy summer season. The League combats pollution by organizing beach and community cleanups year-round.

You love Lake Tahoe and want to protect it, but your free time is scarce. No problem. Whether you're visiting for the day or live in Tahoe year-round, you can still Keep Tahoe Blue by becoming a #TahoeBlueGooder!
Want to help connect your local community with the watershed? Snapshot Day is the day! Snapshot Day happens every May, all over the state of California. Here in Tahoe, volunteers take water samples and pictures of streams...
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